Caroline L Thornton

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A beautiful tale about the ups and downs of life.  We all need reassurance now and then and to know that we're not alone.

This book reminds us that life is a journey marked by laughter and tears, hope and frustration, happiness and sadness.  That life is a road that weaves and bends.

The road that weaves and bends

scared of the dark

the blustery day

Sometimes our own unique abilities are just waiting to be found and sometimes the ones we've forgotten about are just waiting to be rediscovered.

Join bunny for A Walk in the Woods and follow her journey to self discovery in this charming tale for children (and bunnies) of all ages.

a walk in the woods

Once Upon and Ever After

After years of training the prince is finally ready to rescue a princess.  But can he find a princess who needs to be rescued and what happens if he can't?  Find out now in Once Upon and Ever After.

A windy, winding, wonderful adventure.  Grab your wellington boots and join the fun of The Blustery Day.

Discover some of the reasons for our fear of the dark, meet friendly animals who play in the night and learn to think of the dark in a new way.  Oh and just in case some monsters are real you'll be reminded that you're stronger than you may think.



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